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Medical malpractice and personal injury law

When faced with the unfortunate circumstance of suffering a traumatic injury, or the tragic loss of a loved one, you want attorneys and staff with the reputation and experience for obtaining results for their clients.

At End, Hierseman & Crain, we are dedicated to ensuring the rights of injured individuals are upheld under the law.  Our focus is to recover fair compensation for those severely injured by another person’s negligence, or by negligent health care providers.  We handle cases in the following areas:

Because of our attention to detail, forward thinking, and a reputation for success, we have earned the respect of our peers.  Many of the cases we handle are referrals from attorneys, judges and other professionals, in recognition of the excellent work we do for our clients.  Referring lawyers know we do the work necessary to confirm the complex cases we handle are meritorious.

A malpractice & personal injury law firm with a record of success

At End, Hierseman & Crain, we have vast experience handling complex cases where our clients have suffered serious injuries.

Because of the serious nature of these claims, and the effort that an injury case requires, End, Hierseman & Crain give clients a fair, honest, and professional evaluation of their case.  Not every injury results in the pursuit of a case.  We rigorously review the facts to make sure the cases we pursue are supported by well-qualified medical professionals.

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