Are day surgery centers risky?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Medical procedures can be a significant undertaking. In addition to the appointments and surgery, there can be quite a lot of follow-up and rehabilitation to support your recovery.

As medical procedures have changed and developed over the years, some facilities have started offering more surgeries on an outpatient basis. These day surgery centers can reduce the time you are in the hospital, potentially reducing your costs and recovery time.

Here’s what you should consider about the potential risks that come with using a day surgery center for your next procedure.

Emergencies happen

Complications can happen at any time after a procedure. However, surgery-related emergencies are more likely to occur in the hours after surgery.

When you have a longer stay in the hospital after your surgery, you are surrounded by people who can give you the type of care you need within minutes or seconds. One risk of outpatient surgery is that it can take significant time to get back to your healthcare team after discharge. Instead of a call button near your bed, you may have to rely on 911 and EMTs to support your emergency.

Risks during surgery

A day surgery center can save money by only having the specific staff for the type of work they perform, rather than the full staff of a hospital. Most of the time, through careful selection and preparation, the facility can safely accommodate a range of patients for day surgery.

In some cases, there can be complications during surgery unrelated to the initial condition or emergencies outside the skillset of the healthcare team. These situations leave the facility’s staff overwhelmed and underprepared. You may need to be transported to a different facility for more advanced specialized care in these situations.

Before you have outpatient surgery, it is essential to talk to your healthcare team about the complications that could follow your procedure and when to seek advanced care.