These five red flags could indicate medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Like most people, you probably place a lot of trust in medical professionals, but even they can act negligently. When doctors make mistakes, their errors can have dire consequences.

As a patient, you should be alert for signs of potential medical malpractice. Here are five red flags that you are not receiving the care you deserve.

1. Poor communication

Your doctor has a responsibility to communicate with you about your treatment, including alerting you to potential risks. Without vital information, you can not make an educated decision about your care. If your doctor is failing to properly inform you, you have reason to worry.

2. Disregarded symptoms

You know your body better than anyone, so you expect your doctor to take your symptoms seriously. Unfortunately, too many medical professionals will wave off symptoms as unimportant.

3. Worsening condition

After treatment, you can usually expect to get better. If your condition unexpectedly worsens instead, this may be a sign of a misdiagnosis or improper medical care.

4. Lack of testing

Testing is often an important part of evaluating your health and determining the right course of action. If your doctor fails to order necessary tests, he or she may misdiagnose your illness or recommend the wrong treatment.

5. Rushed visits

Medical professionals should give you sufficient attention to ensure they can properly evaluate your needs. A rushed visit could be a sign that your doctor is not devoting enough time to your case.

If you notice anything that makes you uneasy about your care, document the problem and seek a second opinion. Your diligence could prevent potentially harmful medical treatment.