How to be a better advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Too many people feel uncomfortable or intimidated by doctors. As a result, they may not speak up about their needs as a patient.

If you are seeking medical care, you can be a better advocate for yourself with these suggestions.

Be honest

As many as 80% of patients have lied to or withheld information from their doctors, Healthline reports.

Your physician can better evaluate your health when he or she has all the important details. Try not to let fear or embarrassment keep you from receiving quality care.

Ask questions

The medical professionals who treat you have a responsibility to ensure you are fully informed. When you feel confused about a diagnosis or treatment, make sure to get answers.

You are not limited to asking questions at the doctor’s office. If you have concerns later, you can contact your care provider or pharmacist for guidance.

Seek a second opinion

You are not limited to a single physician’s advice. If you have concerns about a diagnosis or course of treatment, do not hesitate to get another opinion.

Keep records

You may not want to rely on medical professionals to keep accurate records. Instead, you should document your symptoms, medications and visits yourself.

Be assertive

If you have ever felt rushed or ignored in a doctor’s office, you understand how frustrating it is. It is important to be assertive in these situations and make sure your doctor is really listening to you.

If something feels wrong with your medical care, make sure to document the issue and consider finding another physician. Part of being your own advocate is finding care that you are comfortable with.